SPIT Logo-White website 2 Why SPIT?

Six years after the removal of wine duties in Hong Kong and the subsequent flurry of wine activity, the trade has developed a critical mass of passionate, wine-knowledgeable professionals.  The evolution has been so successful that finding time to respond to professional development needs is becoming increasingly difficult. Thus, we felt it was the perfect moment to create a forum for a group to maintain an open dialogue both about wine itself and the practical business of sales and marketing.  With the Greater Chinese market becoming increasingly sophisticated there is a growing need for a forum where small business owners and teams from larger firms can hone their skills.

WineSPIT holds regular seminars and an annual conference with a focus on educational activities around market-specific product knowledge and sales, business acumen and industry networking skills.  Through workshops and seminars, and an annual all-day conference, members are exposed to essential wine knowledge, sales techniques and best practices that will be directly applicable to their job performance.  Experts from within and outside the wine industry will be brought in to lead or facilitate sessions. Membership is restricted to active members of wine-related businesses. Responding to input from industry leaders on the skills and topics they feel would most benefit their staff, the seminars are designed to supplement academic knowledge and theoretical sales techniques with practical, hands-on exercises.  Through role-playing and one-on-one sessions, members address areas where they are less comfortable; other sessions would emphasize tasting techniques, wine service and communication skills.


Membership is restricted to active members of wine-related businesses and members will receive access to 6 of the 12 monthly training seminars free of charge with a discounted rate for additional seminars and a members rate for the annual conference. Click here to join!