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Upcoming Workshops:

26 May 2017 (Fri) – Château Figeac Workshop, by Frédéric Faye | RSVP

Workshop# (POSTPONED)
1 June 2017 (Thu) – Château Angélus tasting, by Stéphanie de Boüard-Rivoal


Past Workshops:

2016-2017 Membership Year:
Workshop #1: Digital Domination: Using the Power of Social Media, by Oscar Venhuis
Workshop #2 : Global Chardonnay, by Michael Hill Smith MW
Workshop #3: Taking Taint: Faulty & Spoiled Wine, by Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition Judges
Workshop #4: Climate Control: Managing Variable Vineyard Conditions with Robert Gorjak & Aleks Simčič
Workshop #5: Professional Blind Tasting: Avoiding Oscar Wilde in Wine, by Tan Ying Hsien MW
Workshop #6: Exploring New Zealand’s Pinot Noir: Latest Trends & Diversity of Terroir, by Liam Steevenson MW
Workshop #7: Mastering Champagne: Reserve, Dosage & More, by Ned Goodwin MW
Workshop #8: Set Sale: The Art of Persuasion & Upselling, by John Miers
Workshop #9: Know Modern Wine Consumers- authenticity, terroir and place attachment, by Steve Charters MW
Workshop #10: Explore: Viticulture & Winemaking Decisions of Château Lagrange, by Matthieu Bordes



2015-2016 Membership Year:

Workshop #1: Think Pink: La Vie En Rose, by Rod Smith MW
Workshop #2: How to Build a Profitable Wine List, by Joao Pires MS
Bonus Workshop: 2015-2016 BONUS WineSPIT Workshop: Ask Asia – A Regional Market Update
Workshop #3: The Place de Bordeaux: Present and Future, by Mathieu Chadronnier
Workshop #4: Made In-house: The Rise of Grower’s Champagne
Workshop #5: Burgundy Buys: Wise up on the Market & Tune into the Future
Workshop #6: Putting the Brakes on Fakes
Workshop #7: Top of the Lists: Winning Wine Lists, by Michael Jordan MS
Workshop #8: Are you Managing your Customers? Customer Relationship Management (CRM), by Mike Sherman
Workshop #9: In the Spotlight: Making the Most of the Media, by Jessie Gogan and Tammy Foo
Workshop #10: Tips for the Trade: Approaching Restaurants with Style, by Neil Grant
Workshop #11: Stepping Up: Wine Events that WOW, by Brieg Lemetayer
Workshop #12: Indigenous Grapes: Taste of Tuscany, by 3 Tuscany winemakers

2014-2015 Membership Year:

Workshop #1: Fermentation – Hot Stuff, by Richard Kershaw MW
Workshop #2: Talking up Wine, by MJ Jennings Behaviour Coaching
Workshop #3: Pinot Noir – Is the gap really closing, by Larry McKenna Escarpment Vineyard
Workshop #4: Social Media – What is your story?, by Sheli Bowman
Workshop #5: Languedoc – The next “Classic Wine Area” of France, by Matthew Stubbs MW
Workshop #6: Loire Valley, by Yohann Josselin MS
Workshop #7: Beauty and the Yeast, by Andrew Powley, Enologist
Workshop #8: Negotiation skills – How to keep your friendships, by John Miers Black Isle Group
Workshop #9: Is your pour up to standard, by Yvonne Cheung Swire Hotels
Workshop #10: How to Taste Like a Master, by Debra Meiburg MW
Workshop #11: To Bunch or Not To Bunch, by Gary Mills Jamsheed Wines
Workshop #12: Bottle or Barrel Maturation? by Geoff Merrill Geoff Merrill Wines