Wine in China


 Wine in China Conference – Hong Kong
Wednesday, 4th November 2015, 9am – 6pm
United Conference Center, Admiralty
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Wine in China Conference – Shanghai

in partnership with The Wine Contor:
Tuesday, 10th November 2015, 9am – 6pm
Dorsett Hotel, Pudong Area
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Wine in China Conferences – 2015

Set to be held on 4 November in Hong Kong and 10 November in Shanghai, the Wine in China conferences will get you up to speed on exactly how the wine trade system works in China and the keys to success. This includes:

  • Facilitating entry to the booming Chinese wine market
  • Offering you the opportunity for real exchanges with current and successful players in the Chinese wine market
  • Giving you the tools and up-to-date information to boost your wine sales and deal with the fast-changing wine trade in China.


2015 conferences will focus on new trends in the Chinese wine market, and will offer diversified topics for discussion (think digital media and more!) and feature even more speakers from Mainland China.

The Hong Kong program features dedicated sessions on Macau and China’s key cities, while the Shanghai program will focus on China’s all-important Tier 1, 2 and 3 cities, plus Taiwan.

To ensure all levels and sectors of the wine trade enjoy up-to-the-minute, fully relevant content to assist their business enter, grow and thrive in the booming Chinese marketplace, the Wine in China conference will again feature a three-stream program:

  • “Enter the Market” – Finding an importer and market entry logistics
  • “Work the Market” – Engaging the trade and making your mark
  • “Own the Market” – Spotlight on China’s key cities and regions

PLUS, a plenary session hosted by Debra Meiburg MW, featuring a full market introduction, overview and update – the perfect apéritif!

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What is Wine in China?

At its core, the Wine in China conference is the gathering of the “inner circle of insiders”: the go-to place for Chinese wine industry intel.

With a program of debates, interactive panels and workshops, it strategically pairs the wine industry’s key players with leaders in relevant fields. The combination of local experts, preeminent marketers, business consultants, retailers, media and other experts from related fields offers a range of voices, insights and advice, and comprises the most extensive knowledge base around on wine in China.

Conference director, Debra Meiburg, Master of Wine is one of Greater China’s most influential wine experts. Debra has 25 years’ experience in the region, up-to-the-minute market knowledge, a wealth of inside information, and a savvy head for business.


Our Speakers :

Angela Zhou

Angela Zhou, FC Hillebrand

Adrien Fabry, CEO Z9H

Adrien Fabry, CEO Z9H

Claudia Masuerger, Cheers

Helene Ponty, Ponty Winery

Jacky Shao, ASC

Judy Chan

Judy Chan, Grace Wineyard

Luis Heredia

Luis Heredia, Vinemac

Patricio de la Fuente Saez, LC

Neil Ducray, Touch Media

Terry Xu

Terry Xu, Yesmywine

Simon Zhou

Simon Zhou, RRFW

Sarah Wong

Sarah Wong, SCMP



















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