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30 Aug 2011

Meet the Winemaker (Episode 87): Jay Schuppert, Cuvaison

A Sonoma girl, Debra draws the battle lines with winemaker Jay Schuppert of Cuvaison Estate Wines (technically a Napa Valley winery) over the regional classification of the famed Carneros region, given its location in both Napa and Sonoma Valleys. They delight in the effects the sub-region’s cool climate has on its wines, and discuss how the “shuddering” effect of wind enhances grape growing.

Jay gives Debra the lowdown on how Cuvaison have spent a cool US$20million in the last 12 years. Finally, they ponder the Carneros region’s style of Pinot Noir, and the challenge of deciphering the exact geographical origins of wines from the area due to the various winemaking techniques and nature of the region’s different terrior.

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