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19 Jul 2011

Meet the Winemaker (Episode 81): Arnaud Mirey, Aromaster

Wine tasting is a tricky business with so many grape varieties to remember and different aromas to pinpoint. Thanks to Arnaud Mirey, the wine novice now has a helping hand. Mirey’s wine tasting education tool, the ‘Wine Aromas Game’ which also doubles as a fun board game, consists of 80 different bottled aromas. It has taken Mirey five years of research to create this series of good quality authentic aromas with some being easy to capture and others such a flint or leather having to be chemically reproduced.

Mirey’s wine toolkit also includes a comprehensive book outlining the different families of aromas such as spice, flowers, etc. and aroma wheels which highlight the aromas most likely to be found in each grape variety. So if you’re looking to give your nose a workout more on wine, or quiz your friends, take Mirey’s advice, take a deep breath and get smelling. ‘May the best nose win!’

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