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14 Mar 2012

Debra Meiburg MW Meets the Winemaker 115: Jon Phillips, Inspiration Vineyards

Debra gets back to her roots with an interview with Jon Phillips of Inspiration Vineyards, located in Russian River Valley, Sonoma County California. Jon tells Debra which grape varieties thrive in the region, and why this beautiful part of California, with its charming towns, great restaurants and natural beauty, is on par with, if not better than Napa Valley – their neighbours (and rivals!).

Jon tells Debra about the style of their award-winning Cabernet Sauvignon, the challenges of growing wine in the flat terrain of the region, and the unique attributes of the Pinot Noir grape from Russian River Valley. He tells Debra the difficulties of launching a new label in Sonoma, a region filled with big brands with great recognition and market share. Finally, Jon reveals his ultimate food pairing for Inspiration Vineyards Pinot Noir.

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  1. Catherine Chapnick on 04.23.12 at 12:19

    Debra, once again, fantastic job! I am especially pleased that you chose to showcase one of our many superb wineries here in beautiful Sonoma County.

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