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3 Jan 2012

Meet the Winemaker (Episode 105): Conor Martin, Clairault

Debra meets Conor Martin of Clairault in Australia’s Margaret River, one of the region’s oldest wineries, established in 1976. As a family owned and run winery, Debra gets the lowdown on exactly which of the three brothers does the “hardest” work (dirt or desk?), as well as discussing the challenges of brand building and differentiation in the Australian wine industry, for both Margaret River (which is not the typical “grand Australia” wine region) and Clairault.

Conor explains the origins of Margaret River as a wine region, as well as the similarities of the region’s terrior to Bordeaux, and what that means for the varietals which thrive there. Finally, Conor lets Debra in on his favourite place to drink wine.

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  1. maurizio gily on 01.05.12 at 15:25

    Hi Debra, good to see you! I’ve been in Margaret River in 2002 and wrote an article for Slow Food in Italy. I knew Mr Gladstones and studied the comparison of the climate between Bordeaux and MR. Actually there is a good relationship about the temperature, but in MR there is a stronger average solar radiation and (usually) less rainfull in summer … So in some way better conditions, or, at least, lower risks of bad weather and diseases, and lower need of spraying treatments. Lovely Margaret River!

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