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25 Feb 2014

Debra Meiburg MW Meets the Winemaker 187: Bruce Tyrrell, Tyrrell’s Wines

Debra meets with Bruce Tyrrell of Tyrrell’s wines located at Hunter Valley, Australia. Bruce tells Debra that they are located at the Semillon capital of the galaxy, and that grape variety changes much more by ageing compared to other grape varieties. He mentions to use good farming techniques and the grapes would benefit by taking good care of the soil. Finally, he believes that Semillon has 3 lives, whereas others would normally have 2.

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  1. Lady Catherine on 03.02.14 at 09:55

    Debra, thanks for continually educating us about the different wine and wine regions of the world. Your enthusiasm for wine is contagious and refreshing!

  2. mark davidson on 07.04.14 at 08:00

    Bruce is a great advocate for the Hunter. The other important issue is that hunter semillon is a scarcity is the world of wine; tiny amounts made and even less aged before release. Most consumers will never taste it. However, Bruce is confusing on the question of organic farming – the BD claim was fascinating. One minute he talks about the very effective new organic botrytis spray that is very effective (I assume it to be the commercial biological product)and then suggests that organic vineyards have nothing to spray in wet years – where if he “didnt spray he would lose the crop”. Everyone these-days wants to imply they are “green” but the “hard” chemical users like Tyrrells in public must believe a buck each way is good for business. Debra, you may like to hear more on contemporary organics as it is being practiced in Australian vineyards and beyond.

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