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31 Jul 2012

Debra Meiburg MW Meets the Winemaker 132: Dr. Katharina Prüm, Weingut Joh. Jos. Prüm

Debra chats with Dr Katarina Prüm of Weingut Jos Joh Prüm, a renowned winery located in the Mosel Valley, Germany. They discuss what is so special about the unique sweet Mosel Rieslings, with Katarina explaining the pronounced acidity, slate minerality and the aromas deriving from a very long hang time characterizing these wines. Katarina tells Debra what effect the very long hang time and cool climate has on Mosel Valley grapes.

They go on to discuss which part of the winemaking process is the biggest challenge in creating great Riesling, what you can and cannot do to improve wine quality and what JJ Prüm’s ultimate winemaking philosophy is.

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