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17 Jul 2012

Debra Meiburg MW Meets the Winemaker 130: Annegret Reh-Gartner, Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt

Debra meets with Annegret Reh-Gertner of Reichsgraf Von Kessellstatt, a winery located in the Mosel region, Germany. Annegret tells Debra what makes Mosel riesling so special, describing it as light, mineral driven and that it “dances on the palate like a beautiful ballerina”. She goes on to tell Debra about the challenges of global warming and how, so far, they have been the winners from the effects of global warming, experiencing great vintages every year (compared to the past, where two vintages per decade would be outstanding).

They discuss the longer ripening time required by riesling grapes in Mosel which leads to the strong aromas which characterise the wines, as well as the minerality and “saltiness” in the wine, and how the “struggles” the grape experiences ultimately gives it its “backbone”.

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