19 Aug 2015

Debra Meiburg MW Meet the Winemaker 226: Akiko Freeman, Freeman Winery

Debra catches up with Akiko Freeman, owner and winemaker at Freeman Winery in Sonoma County in California, established in 2001 and specialist producers of pinot noir and chardonnay. She explains her journey to owning her own winery as well as getting into the winemaking side of the venture, as well as their particular pocket of Sonoma and how it compares to France. They finish by talk about the surprises and challenges of the job.

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11 Aug 2015

Debra Meiburg MW Meet the Winemaker 225: Christoph Tyrell, Weingut Karthäuserhof

Debra catches up with Christoph Tyrell of Weingut Karthäuserhof, who discusses the “four faces” of Mosel Riesling, its unique aromatics and why it is such an interesting and often-unpredictable grape variety to work with. They discuss what the challenges are to make great Riesling and what it takes to get great aromatics in Mosel’s famous Riesling wine. Christoph shares some anecdotes about his winemaking experience, as well as talking vintages.

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29 Jul 2015

Debra Meiburg MW Meet the Winemaker 224: Didier Cuvelier, Domaine Henri Boillot

Debra catches up with Didier Cuvelier of Château Léoville Poyferré, a prestigious property in the heart of St Julien, Bordeaux. They start off discussing the history of the Cuvelier family in the wine industry in France. Didier explains that he was the first in his family to manage the Chateau and why he added petit verdot, and they go on to talk about the aging of his wines, and evolution in style over the years. Didier tells Debra about their nickname in China, what the challenges for the decade ahead are and what his personal favourite vintage is.

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20 Jul 2015

Debra Meiburg MW Meet the Winemaker 223: Henri Boillot, Domaine Henri Boillot

Debra catches up with Henri Boillot, a producer from Burgundy and owner of Domaine Henri Boillot. They discuss the Henri’s favourite white wines, along with his family’s historic vineyards. Henri explains the two arms of his business – the Domaine and his négociant business, the economics of grape buying today from the Grand Cru of Burgundy, as well as his thoughts on bio and bio dynamic vineyards in the region. He finishes by telling Debra his favourite years for Chevalier.

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15 Jul 2015

Debra Meiburg MW Meet the Winemaker 222: Sophie Larmandier, Larmandier-Bernier

Debra catches up with Sophie Larmandier of Larmandier-Bernier, a highly regarded grower’s property in Champagne. They talk about the trend of grower’s Champagne and why small properties are producing such great wines, and how they differentiate themselves from their bigger counterparts. They discuss how they deal with variations between vintages, how they handle reserve wines and the challenges for small Champagne houses in general – and why life is actually easier because of the big, famous houses of Champagne. They finish off with a chat about styles, and when the best moment to drink Champagne is.

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7 Jul 2015

Debra Meiburg MW Meet the Winemaker 221: Sven Bruchfeld, Polkura

Debra meets up with Sven Bruchfeld of Polkura, a winery located in the Marchigüe area in the Western end of the Colchagua Valley, Chile. Along with discussing Sven’s diverse winemaking history, they talk about the origins of the winery and its name, along with Sven’s love of Syrah and where the Syrah market is at in Chile. A highly passionate individual, Sven explains to Debra his other project – MOVI – a unique association of winemakers in Chile who support each other to grow the “counter-culture” of Chilean winemaking.

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