11 Jan 2016

Debra Meiburg MW Meet the Winemaker 230: Matt Woo, Penfolds Wines

Matt Woo from Penfolds Wines (Australia’s iconic producer of the Grange label, among many others) pays Debra a visit to discuss the brand’s fortified wines and table wines. Debra asks many specifics on how fortified wine is made, including picking the grapes, winery processes, acidification, fermentation, aging and more. They finish by discussing the various opportunities to drink tawnies during a meal.

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23 Dec 2015

Debra Meiburg MW Meet the Winemaker 229: RobinLail, Lail Vineyards

Debra catches up with Napa royalty Robin Lail, who’s CV reads like a who’s who of Napa Valley wineries over the years, but is now owner and winemaker at Lail Vineyards. Robin offers an historical overview of Napa, its producers and its land, along with the highs and lows of her own career and her family’s historic winery, Inglenook. She explains what led her to establish Lail Vineyards, outlines Lail Vineyards’ current and possible future activities, along with what makes it special in the region.

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14 Dec 2015

Debra Meiburg MW Meet the Winemaker 228: Neil McGuigan, McGuigan Wines

Debra speaks with Neil McGuigan, winemaker for 37 years and director of McGuigan Wines and Australian Vintage Limited, as well as the President of the IWSC for 2015. Neil offers a brief history of the Australian wine industry, including why now is one of its most exciting eras, and where he believes is the perfect region and grape variety match in the country. He discusses the style and variety evolution Australia is currently undergoing (and how montepulciano and gruner veltliner fit into this), and why this is vital to both Australia’s domestic and international wine consumer audience, and the importance of wine being refreshing and a journey for wine lovers.

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2 Dec 2015

Debra Meiburg MW Meet the Winemaker 227: James Robson, Ross Hill Wines

Debra meets with James Robson of Ross Hill Wines, Orange, situated three hours out of Sydney, Australia. He gives Debra an overview of their climate, geography and soil, and the diversity of wines they can make, given their vineyards are at both 750m above sea level and 1050m above sea level. They discuss the effect of the altitude on the wines, as well as wild yeast ferments, alcohol levels and more, with James concluding with overview of what to expect from wines from the region.

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17 Nov 2015

Debra Meiburg MW Meet the Winemaker 227: Don Hartford, Hartford Family Winery

Debra catches up with fellow-Sonoma “local” Don Hartford, of Hartford Family Wine Group. Don outlines the group’s different labels and brands, explains the reason behind the Hartford making wine from so many different pockets of Sonoma county, as well as outlining the very vineyards they have and what sort of wines are produced from these vines. They discuss harvest timings for various grape varieties in Somona, the “true Sonoma Coast”, along with the altitude and marine influence on the region’s vineyards.

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26 Aug 2015

Wine in China Conference 2015 – Hong Kong 4/11 – Shanghai 10/11

Wine in China Conference 2015

Hong Kong:
4 November 2015
9am – 6pm

10 November 2015
9am – 6pm

Email us:

Music: ‘Memories’ –

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