28 Jan 2014

Debra Meiburg MW Meets the Winemaker 184: Colin Campbell, Campbells

Debra chats with Colin Campbell, a 4th generation winemaker of Campbells Winery, which have been present for over 140 years. Colin tells Debra about their ‘stickies’, their winemaking process and inventory management, and wraps the interview with another popular grape variety that they are known for.

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21 Jan 2014

Debra Meiburg MW Meets the Winemaker 183: Yves Michel Müller, Weingut Domäne Müller

Austrian winemaker, Yves Michel Müller of Weingut Domäne Müller talks to Debra about where he received his multinational name over a glass of Traminer Beerenauslese 1969. Yves Michel tells Debra they have vineyards in the South and West part of Styria, where they produce Sauvignon Blanc, Schilcher, and Zweigelt. They go on to discuss what a classic, well-aged Zweigelt note is like, and finishes the interview with what his favourite winemaking process is.

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14 Jan 2014

Debra Meiburg MW Meets the Winemaker 182: Amy Burch, Howard Park

Debra talks to Amy Burch of Howard Park Wines, which is located in the Western Australia, with focus in two main winegrowing regions, Margaret River, and the Great Southern. Amy tells Debra about their beautiful site for grape growing and winemaking, and is an attractive place for tourists where they can enjoy a diversity of food and wine experiences. Finally, Amy shares her thoughts of though they seem to be isolated from the rest of Australia, they have most of the reputation in the red wine category.

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7 Jan 2014

Debra Meiburg MW Meets the Winemaker 181: Alister Purbrick, Tahbilk Winery

Debra talks with Alister Purbrick, the 5th generation of Tahbilk Winery at the Nagambie Lakes Region. As surrounded by water, Alister tells Debra the inspiration for the winery name comes from “Tabilk Tabilk”, which is an Aboriginal name for “a place with many waterholes”. He mentions to Debra that they have one of the largest plantings of the world for the Marsanne variety, and is open to experimenting with new varieties. Finally, he tells Debra that the winery have recently launched and opened a wetland and wildlife reserve, attracting about 140,000 visitors a year.

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10 Dec 2013

Debra Meiburg MW Meets the Winemaker 180: Ross Brown, Brown Brothers

Debra catches up with Ross Brown of Brown Brothers, one of Australia’s First Families of Wine. Located 2.5 hours north of Melbourne, Ross tells Debra their grapes benefit from the frost that is common in the area, allowing the wines to be more fine and delicate, and prevents fungus from growing in the vineyard. He also mentions to Debra they are able to make beautiful Cabernet Sauvignons, Shiraz, and sparklings are due to the cool climates of the hills.

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26 Nov 2013

Debra Meiburg MW Meets the Winemaker 179: Paolo DaMilano, DaMilano

Paolo DaMilano of DaMilano tells Debra characteristics of wines that are from the Barolo village in Barolo. He mentions that Barolo from the Barolo have distinctive tannin characteristics compared to Barolo from La Morra or Serralunga d’Alba. He ends the interview by telling Debra how he feels about representing Barolo wines from the area.

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