15 Jan 2013

Debra Meiburg MW Meets the Winemaker 150: Irit Boxer-Shank, Barkan Winery

Irit Boxer-Shank fills Debra in on the complexities of being a Kosher winemaker, from overcoming the natural urge to lay hands on the barrels, to the slight complication of constant supervision in the winery. Debra asks Irit what it’s like to be, in her words, a “gorgeous blonde female winemaker” in Israel, to which Irit responds positively that although at the moment women are still relatively uncommon in the Israeli wine industry, there is a general environment of gender equality.

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8 Jan 2013

Debra Meiburg MW Meets the Winemaker 149: Greg Gregory, Sleeper Cellars

Debra chats with Greg Gregory, formerly of Sleeper Cellars in Napa Valley about the winery’s (and his own) unusual name, and how the Sleeper model differs from that of most growers and wineries in the valley. As buyers and blenders of finished wine, they benefit from the reduced capital outlay and time to market that comes affiliated with this style of business. Debra queries Greg on how the wines are selected, and he assures her that while the fruit is always 100% Napa Valley, they don’t always create the same blend, allowing them more flexibility from vintage to vintage.

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18 Dec 2012

Taste the Wine Launches in Asia Pacific

Dear Friends,
We’re excited to be wrapping up the year with the launch of our TV show, Taste the Wine. To catch us, tune into ETTV Asia Sunday nights at 11:00pm HKT.
We appreciate the support you’ve shown all year long, and look forward to hearing your Xmas and NYE stories come January. Hope your Champagne fridge is well-stocked…
Happy Holidays and see you next year!

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11 Dec 2012

Talking Tasmanian Wines with Andrew Pirie

Debra chats with Andrew Pirie, one of Tasmania’s most iconic winemakers, about Tasmania’s counterintuitive geography and why he’s chosen to make wine in the northern part of the island. He discusses his recent foray into single-vineyard wines, a lifelong dream of his, and how they are the “Apogee” of his winemaking career. Finally, Andrew gets into that trickiest but most crucial of sparkling wine discussions: what is the perfect bubble?

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4 Dec 2012

Debra Meiburg MW Meets the Winemaker 148: Simon Charles Lepage, Dosnon & Lepage

Debra meets Simon-Charles Lepage of boutique Champagne house, Dosnon & Lepage, and asks him straight up what it’s like to be such a small and new (just five years old) player within such a well-known and well-established region. Simon explains how their unique terrior and location has meant they’ve taken a Burgundian approach to Champagne making, as well as why the work relationship between himself and good friend and business partner Davy Dosnon works so well.

Simon tells Debra why they use oak barrels for their Champagne, why people love Champagne so much and what he loves most about working at Dosnon & Lepage.

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27 Nov 2012

Debra Meiburg MW Meets the Winemaker 147: Chiara Boschis, Azienda Agricola E. Pira & Figli

Debra talks Barolo with one of the queens of the “King of Wines”, Chiara Boschis of Azienda Agricola E. Pira e Figli a winery located in the village of Barolo in Piemonte, Italy. She talks about Piemonte and the 11 villages encompassed within the Barolo DOCG and the conditions that Barolo producers work with in the region. They go on to discuss Chiara’s family history (nine generations of winemakers!) and how the women’s liberation movement gave her the freedom to break out on her own as a winemaker, as well as explain the amazing spirit of winemaking in Barolo in the 80’s and 90’s.

They conclude by discussing what makes Barolo the “King of Wine”, including terroir, aging potential and its food-friendly nature.

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