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Put a cork in it?

By Debra Meiburg MW

Corked or corkiness are terms used to describe wine tainted by a sneaky compound called 2,4,6-Trichloroanisole, or for the scientifically impaired, TCA. When TCA and wine cozy up, the result is an unfortunate mustiness, like dank towels that should have been washed weeks ago or a stack of mildewy newspapers in your back hallway. Conservative […]

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Whiter than White

By Debra Meiburg MW

Much as we admire the op art of Bridget Riley, the films of Francois Truffaut and the frocks of Mary Quant, sometimes we grow tired of black and white. Two decidedly colorful champagne styles have overstated their case for decades. Champagne labelled blanc de blancs literally means ‘’white from whites” which is to indicate the […]

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Fizzy Logic

By Debra Meiburg MW

The financial sector may be wincing from a wee touch of stress, but show some sympathy for sparkling wines which are also under undue pressure. Bottled with an atmospheric heft equivalent to a double-decker KMB tire (about 5-6 bars) or about three times as much as an ordinary car tire, sparkling wines grapple with substantial […]

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A River Runs Through It

By Debra Meiburg MW

Just as the Yangtze River is China’s longest river, so the Loire River is the longest in France. These rivers have little in common, of course. The Yangtze is over 6000 kilometres long and the Loire clocks in at a mere 1,000 clicks. It in its way, the slow moving silt-laden Loire River more closely […]

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Pride of the West

By Debra Meiburg MW

Margaret River is a wine region, a small town and – not surprisingly – a river in Western Australia. Census records show that Margaret River draws more than 500,000 visitors per year based on a population of 10,000 – that’s fifty times its population per year, or in Hong Kong terms, roughly 350 million visitors. […]

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Will the real Tokay please stand up?

By Debra Meiburg MW

To dispel any lingering confusion, Tokay (pronounced toh-kai) is the English spelling of Tokaji, which means wine from the Tokaj region. The Tokaj vineyards are planted on the low foothills where the great Hungarian plains meet the Carpathian Mountains. The wine that really put Tokaj on the map is Tokaji Aszú, widely regarded as one […]