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Debra has been a significant influence in bringing knowledge and appreciation of wine to people in Hong Kong and China. Her wine talks, delivered with great wit and charm, are informative, enjoyable and a special experience for any aspiring wine lover. Clement Kwok, Managing Director and CEO, The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels Ltd

Debra Meiburg - Appearances

Speaking Programs

A TV personality and a former wine professor, Debra delivers engaging, informative and fun events. Her compelling approach to wine education has entertained many of Asia’s most influential people including finance ministers, cabinet members and key business and political figures. From regional trade seminars to corporate events of all sizes to intimate bespoke occasions, Debra’s program can be customized for any audience. For those looking for a total immersion experience, Debra Master of Wine Travel offers exclusive, in-depth tours of iconic Italian wine regions.

Let Me Introduce You to Your Tongue

Debra’s widely acclaimed speaking program, Let Me Introduce You to Your Tongue, is a delicious journey for wine lovers of all experience levels as they discover how the pros evaluate wine. During this interactive and fun one-hour teaching program participants will:

  • Refine their knowledge of the six “noble grapes”
  • Untangle tongue twisting terminology such as wine intensity, complexity and length
  • Develop skills in assessing and analyzing wine quality
  • “Map” their tongues with tongue tingling exercises
  • Learn how to bluff their way through a wine dinner

Vinophile Olympiad

Get out of the boardroom and into the barrel! Team-building and wine education are combined in this unique and memorable afternoon of hands-on competitive wine activities.

  • A fun, unintimidating approach to blind tasting and wine service
  • A truly interactive way to learn about wine characteristics such as acidity, tannin, sugar, body and length
  • A memorable approach to identifying varietal characteristics
  • A fantastic ice-breaker or morale-booster

Perfect Pairs: Marrying Food and Wine

When matched correctly, food and wine make a heavenly couple, each bringing out the best in the other and rendering the meal totally complete. Debra will show you how!

  • Debra will explain the principles behind wine and food matching
  • Guests will perform practical exercises to illustrate various wine pairing theories
  • Guests can select a particular style of wine or cuisine they would particularly like matched e.g. what to eat with a vertical of 1990s California Cabs or what to drink with a Chinese New Year feast
  • Finally, guests can choose to enjoy a luxurious dining experience with a food and wine menu meticulously planned by Debra

Bankable Bottles: Wine as Investment

Swap stocks and shares for sips and swirls as Debra talks wine dollars and sense. From Acker’s to Zachy’s, Debra will guide you through the vast, varied and complex world of wine investment, so you’ll understand how to beat the market. Debra will explain:

  • What to buy and when, plus how to navigate wine auctions
  • How to plan your wine collection
  • The best methods for managing inventory and optimizing storage conditions
  • How to recoup on your investment, either in monetary or gustatory terms

Know Your Bubbles: The Best of Champagne

“The wine of kings and the king of wines,” Champagne represents celebration, luxury and indulgence. Debra will be your guide to the world’s finest bubbles, equipping guests with the expertise to choose the best way to toast each and every occasion. Debra will take guests on a journey through:

  • The history of this highly cherished drop
  • Winemaking techniques and how to distinguish Méthode Champenoise from Charmat method
  • Interesting facts and background on the world’s best producers
  • Quality indicators specific to Champagne: how to tell the finest Cuvées from less pedigreed sparklers

Doing the Douro: Portugal’s Latest and Greatest

Join Debra for a truly outside-the-bottle experience. Debra’s Port Team Challenge brings guests right back to the origins of this luscious red tipple, literally: after Debra’s introduction, each team will produce a batch of their own Port from fresh grapes.

  • Debra gives guests a solid grounding in Port traditions, from how it is made to who makes it best
  • Guests get kneedeep in the challenge, bonding with their fellow “winemakers”
  • Debra takes guests on a virtual tour of the Douro Valley, one of the most beautiful and ancient wine regions on Earth
  • Debra shares her insider tips on which of the new table wines from the Douro Valley to look out for

New-to-wine or connoisseur, Debra’s educational program can be individually tailored to the requirements of your group so all participants gain skills to increase their enjoyment and life-long appreciation of wine.

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